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Rechargeable LED Flood light
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Do you want to know more about how solar lights work?

We have the answer!

Our haochenlight solar lighting system consists of compact, efficient, monocrystalline solar panels, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, >160 lumens per watt adjustable LED modules, long-life LiFePo batteries, and equipped with smart radar sensors.

When people or vehicles pass by, the sensor will detect movement and light with up to 100% efficiency.

After people and cars overtake, the light brightness gradually reduces to 30%, and the power you need can also be customized.

Why choose monocrystalline silicon solar panels? By choosing monocrystalline solar modules.

haochenlight knows it will produce more energy, work better at high temperatures, and last longer than multi-pin panels.

We design these products with the user in mind - you want an affordable, durable product, and that's what we can give our users and suppliers.

What is ">160 lumens per watt"? Why is this important?

   This means that a fixture of the same wattage will produce more light.

1.5000 lumens - This is our entry-level fixture. When you need extra light,

2.8000-10000 lumens is our mid-range choice.

3. More than 20,000 lumens are suitable for customers with the best requirements. Lights designed for large areas or multi-lane roads.

Please remember! Wattage doesn't matter, lumens do!

Watts simply tells you how much power it consumes. Lumen tells you how much light a light fixture can emit.

The higher the lumens per watt ratio, the better and brighter the system.

Equipped with LiFeP04 long-lasting and replaceable battery.

5-year warranty, but our Haochen solar lighting system can provide 7-10 years of high-quality operation.

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