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Technical Parameters of Led Industrial and Mining Lamps_ Purchase of Led Industr

Technical parameters of led industrial and mining lamps

Product classification

Knowledge: technical parameters and purchase methods of led industrial and mining lamps

30W miner's lamp, large opening diameter 450mm

50W miner's lamp, large opening diameter 450mm

80W miner's lamp, large opening diameter 505mm

100W miner's lamp, large opening diameter 505mm

Product parameters

Product material

It adopts high-strength die-casting aluminum shell, pull cast aluminum radiator, high-efficiency reflector and external electrostatic thermoplastic spraying, which is corrosion-resistant, impact resistant, firm and durable.

Product characteristics

1. LED plane integrated light source is adopted, with small thermal resistance and low temperature rise. The lamp shell is a part of the radiator and conducts heat directly.

2. Led industrial and mining lamps are designed with wide voltage. When the voltage fluctuates, the total power of the lamp body basically does not change, so as to avoid stroboscopic and ensure the stability of the lighting environment for workers.

3. No dust, no mosquitoes, save the trouble of often cleaning the light source and lamp body.

4. Compared with traditional halogen lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp, LED plane integrated light source is adopted, which has no polluting materials and ultraviolet and infrared radiation, creating a healthy and comfortable workshop environment.

5. Make full use of the advantages of LED instantaneous start-up, and instantly start lamps in places where led industrial and mining lamps are used in a large area to improve work efficiency.

Scope of application:

It is mainly applicable to warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel mills, shipyards, aircraft manufacturers, large machinery manufacturers, hardware workshops, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, bus waiting halls, railway station waiting halls and other places requiring high space lighting.

What is the installation spacing of led industrial and mining lights?

Led mining light 30W recommended installation height: 3M installation spacing: 10-15m

Led mining light 40W recommended installation height: 4m installation spacing: 15-20m

Led mining light 45W recommended installation height: 5m installation spacing: 15-18m

Led industrial and mining light 50W recommended installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22m

Led industrial and mining lamp 55W recommended installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23m

Led mining light 60W recommended installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25m

matters needing attention

1. Led industrial and mining lights and driving power supply must be installed in an open position to facilitate heat dissipation

2. Regularly clean the dust of led industrial and mining lights and driving power supply to ensure good heat dissipation.

One lamp at an interval of 4 ~ 6 meters is OK. If you want to light some, press 4 meters, that is, 16 square lamps, 80 * 100 / 16 = 500 lamps. If you don't want to light too much, press 6 meters, that is, 36 square lamps, 80 * 100 / 36 = 222 lamps

It is generally used in mines, warehouses and other places, that is, places requiring long-term lighting and low requirements for color rendering index. The definition of a good manufacturer is not accurate. It mainly depends on your positioning of product price. Of course, good materials will bring quality assurance to good products.

Several methods of how to buy led industrial and mining lamps in industry

As ordinary consumers, when we choose a product, we may take more consideration of the price of the product, followed by the appearance quality, etc. sometimes when the price exceeds the budget, we will choose to give up buying the product. However, when choosing led industrial and mining lamps in industry, we must lighten the price factor. It is not that we do not pay attention to the price, but choose products with higher cost performance. How can we choose products more suitable for our needs? Here is a brief introduction to the purchase method.

1、 Select according to actual needs

When selecting industrial and mining lamps in industries such as coal, petroleum and chemical industry, we should not only consider whether the lighting demand can meet the requirements, but also consider dust-proof, waterproof and other factors, and even explosion-proof requirements. This restricts us from choosing the first important element of LED lamps. We buy General Industrial and mining lamps, which can not meet the requirements in terms of energy saving. It is cheap to buy Lamps and expensive to use lamps; The price of ordinary LED lamps may be acceptable, but the use safety is not guaranteed. The replacement of lamps in three or two days will bring a lot of inconvenience to our work. The floor height of general plants is relatively high. Replacing lamps requires professional escalators or elevators, which increases our invisible investment cost. Therefore, when choosing lamps, such enterprises need to consider whether the products meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed explosion-proof certification and so on.

Led industrial and mining lamps, especially led industrial and mining lamps that have passed explosion-proof certification, military certification and quality system certification, will strictly implement national standards in terms of production and material selection, and will not use shoddy means to reduce product costs, so the price may be higher than that of general lamps. However, the primary investment at the time of purchase results in high-quality products. When used, it not only saves the cost of electricity, but also saves the cost of secondary purchase, maintenance and replacement of lamps. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.

3、 Appropriate power, illumination and color temperature

This is particularly professional. The power of led industrial and mining lamps should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause a waste of electricity resources, and low power can not meet the lighting demand; In addition, the illuminance, color temperature and other conditions of lamps are also very important. If the production line requires high resolution, for example, the textile industry needs high-resolution lamps. This is the product we will recommend to use with a color temperature of about 6000 and the illuminance and other conditions meet the requirements.

About Technical Parameters of Led Industrial and Mining Lamps_ Purchase of Led Industr

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