High lumen solar floodlight Battery capacity

Solar PaneL: 25W (Mono 182 solar cell)
Battery Capacity: 3.2V 18000mAH LiFePO₄
LED Power :6 W
LED Lumen: 900 lm
LED size:5730
LED Qty :104 pcs
Qty/ctn: 6 SET
Carton Size: 590*440*375mm
GW/ctn :30.8kg

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Product Description

High lumen solar floodlight
1.High-strength anti-oxidationaluminum
Selected high-strength anti-oxidation die-cast aluminumwith a thickness of 1.2mm,formed in one piece,not easy to deform, rust, andresistant to impact.
2.Highly transparent white tempered glass
Made of 4mm thick whitetempered glass with 92% lighttransmittance, it is brighter andmore transparent.
3.Rotatable lamp body bracket
The 180-degree rotatablelamp body bracket canfreely adjust theillumination angle, which isflexible and convenientand suitable for differentscene needs
4.Three-layer reflective cup
The light is uniform,brighter and moreconcentratedHigh light efficiencySuper bright brightnesswithout flickerstrong light concentration,larger lighting area.
5.Aluminum alloy frame
The solar panel adopts high-strength aluminum alloyframe.The edge thickness isthickened to 0.8mm,Low density, light weightand easy to transport,Good corrosion resistance.

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