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Wholesale Led Brand-3 1
Wholesale Led Brand-3 2
Wholesale Led Brand-3 3
Wholesale Led Brand-3 1
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Wholesale Led Brand-3 3

Wholesale Led Brand-3


Product details of the led

Product Description

Fine materials: led is manufactured based on high quality raw materials which are supplied by our reliable partners. These partners are all well-selected by us. The materials used have determined the durability and performance of this product. Exports are booming because is very competitive and lead the industry in led technology.


Model No.Watts (W)Input VoltageLumensCCT (K)Size (mm)N.W (kgs)

Model No.Watts (W)Input VoltageLumensCCT (K)Size (mm)N.W (kgs)
WPB01-040EBBL-01EEE0140AC100-240V140-150LM/W3000400050006000205*162*98 1.5
WPB01-100EBBL-03EEE01 100330*268*1263.2

Model No.Watts (W)Input VoltageLumensCCT (K)Size (mm)N.W (kgs)
WPC01-040EBBL-01EEE01 40AC100-240V140-150LM/W3000400050006000320*182*130 1.8

DNNNo functionDDSDimming+Sensing function
DDMDimming functionDDEDimming+Emergency function
DSNSensing functionDSEDimming+Sensing+Emergency function
DEPEmergency function
BB=3500K / 4000K/ 5000K / 5700K

Packing lnformation

Model No.Watts (W)N.W (kgs)Carton Size (mm)QTY/ctn (pcs)G.W (kgs)Qty loaded by 20GPQty loaded by 40GPQty loaded by 40HQ
WPA01-040402.33.0385*290*25012.83.61080 pcs2232 pcs2480 pcs
WPA01-060602. pcs2232 pcs2480 pcs
WPA01-080802.53.313.03.81080 pcs2232 pcs2480 pcs
WPA01-1001003. pcs2232 pcs2480 pcs
WPA01-1201203. pcs2232 pcs2480 pcs

Model No.Watts (W)N.W (kgs)Carton Size (mm)QTY/ctn (pcs)G.W (kgs)Qty loaded by 20GPQty loaded by 40GPQty loaded by 40HQ
WPB01-040401.5250*200*13511.73240 pcs6840 pcs7752 pcs
WPB01-060602.1330*260*15512.52295 pcs4860 pcs5508 pcs
WPB01-080802.212.62295 pcs4860 pcs5508 pcs
WPB01-1001003.2396*317*18013.91274 pcs2730 pcs2940 pcs

Model No.Watts (W)N.W (kgs)Carton Size (mm)QTY/ctn (pcs)G.W (kgs)Qty loaded by 20GPQty loaded by 40GPQty loaded by 40HQ
WPC01-040401.8360*230*19012.31920 pcs3960 pcs4620 pcs
WPC01-060601.912.31920 pcs3960 pcs4620 pcs
WPC01-080802.412.71920 pcs3960 pcs4620 pcs

Company Feature

• enjoys a good geographic location. There are different major traffic lines crossing the city. The transportation of is strongly guaranteed by the unimpeded traffic.
• sales network covers from many provinces and cities to regions across the country.
• was established in In the past years, we have continuously improved the R&D capability and have accumulated industry experience. We are dedicated to providing more and better products and services.
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