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LED Panel Light-2 1
LED Panel Light-2 2
LED Panel Light-2 1
LED Panel Light-2 2

LED Panel Light-2


Regular Series

Model No.Watts(W)Input VoltageLumenCCT (K)Size (inch)N.W (lbs)

DMDimming functionDEEmergency+Dimming function
SDSensing+Dimming functionSESensing+Emergency+Dimming function
LML: AC120-277V M: AC120-347V

2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable Series

Model No.Watts(W)Input VoltageLumenCCT (K)Size (inch)N.W (lbs)
PHB06-110BB-CCL/M0110AC120-277V or AC120-347V135LM/W3500 570023.6*13.6*2.26.99

DR2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable & Dimming function
SR2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable & Dimming+Sensor function
ER2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable & Dimming+Emergency function
ZR2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable & Dimming+Emergency+Sensor function
L/ML: AC120-277V M: AC120-347V

Regular Series & 2.4G Wireless CCT Tunable Series Packing lnformation

Model No.Watts(W)N. W (lbs)Carton Size (inch)QTY/ctn (pcs)G. W (lbs)Qty loaded by 20GPQty loaded by 40GPQty loaded by 40HQ
PHB06-1101106.9926.4*16.6*5.219.63912 pcs1938 pcs2142 pcs
PHB06-1601608.1426.4*16.6*5.2110.78912 pcs1938 pcs2142 pcs
PHB12-16016012.1750*16.6*5.2113.82456 pcs1026 pcs1134 pcs
PHB12-22022013.9350*16.6*5.2115.96456 pcs1026 pcs1134 pcs

Company Advantages

· LED Panel Light has a professional design. It is designed by specialists who master the fundamentals of designing the most commonly used parts, elements, and units of various machines.

· This product does not contain harmful ingredients. It has passed the ingredient tests on Formaldehyde, azo colorants, and heavy metals.

· There is good evidence to suggest that this product attracts fewer insects, meaning less maintenance and cleaning. It creates a bright and clean environment.

Company Features

· has won customers' trust by years of stable high quality for LED Panel Light.

· Our powerful management team combines strong leadership, in-depth industry knowledge, and vast professional experience. They can inform our organizational decisions and drive our business success.

· You will surely find something interesting in haochenlight. Contact!

Application of the Product

LED Panel Light can meet the different needs of customers.

While providing quality products, is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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