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Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 1
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Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 1
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Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand


Product details of the philips led tube light

Quick Detail

The great value of philips led tube light mainly lies in its perfect design to bring best user experience. Manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards, the product features excellent performance and perfect function. philips led tube light is widely used in the industry. technology and services are at the leading level in the industry in China.

Product Information

philips led tube light is exquisite in details.

Product features

■ Lends large luminous Angle and uniform luminous effect;

■ Megapond input -- 85-265V, 50-60Hz input, ADAPTS to global voltages;

Lent High power factor -->0.95;

■ High safety factor, high pressure resistance -- all-plastic structure, passed the AC6000 test, absolutely safe, good insulation;

■ Lent radiation is small, anti-interference ability is strong, passed CE/SAA certification;

■ Lifetime over 30,000 hours;

■ Health and environmental protection, no radiation pollution, mosquito protection;

■ The power supply adopts an intelligent IC driver, which provides stable power supply.

Technical Parameters

MODELHCT8-010, HCT8-12, HCT8-14
LIGHT SOURCEHot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 4
LUMINOUS  FLUX780lm 1170lm1560lm
SIZE(mm)600mm, 1200mm
CUT OUT(mm)/
WORK ENVIROMENTT-20°~40° humidity 20%~80%
WAY TO INSTALLTrack mounted /Ceiling mounted
LIFETIME35000 hours

Perfect Supporting Experimental Facilities

Haochen lighting strictly controls the quality of lighting products in accordance with ISO quality management system.

Our company has a complete set of LED solid crystal, welding line, optical splitting, belt, inspection, aging equipment to ensure the quality of LED products.

In order to strengthen quality control, our company also added products drop, product vibration test bench, integrating ball, climate experiment equipment, photometric distribution meter, automatic aging line and other equipment to ensure product reliability.Products sold through the European CE (EMC,LVD) certification, ROHS Environmental Protection Certification, NATIONAL 3C, We can also produce according to the requirements of customers and provide professional LED lighting solutionsDefinitely.

Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 5
Optical measuring integrating sphere equipment
Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 6
Finished climate experiment equipmen
Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 7
3C test experimental equipment3C
Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 8
3C testing laboratory3C

Perfect Production And Testing Equipment

Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 9

Haochen lighting products compared with other LED manufacturers

Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 10
Highcolor rendering,Restore good,Color fidelity!
Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 11
Other brands
Low color, Color distortion, Eye strain
Product Display

Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 12
Hot Philips Led Tube Light Brand 13

Company Advantages

Over the years, has developed to be world-renowned for the excellent philips led tube light. The company is licensed with production and business qualification. The certificate can set customers' minds at rest because customers can see accountability and check the product quality throughout the supply chain. Our culture is built on the power of our colleagues’ passion for their work and the stakeholders we serve, and we strive to foster an environment where that passion can be channeled into speed, decisiveness, and integrity.
Our products are of reliable quality, with great cost performance and you can purchase them with confidence. If you are in need, please contact us for business discussion.

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