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Brand Custom Led-4 1
Brand Custom Led-4 2
Brand Custom Led-4 3
Brand Custom Led-4 4
Brand Custom Led-4 5
Brand Custom Led-4 1
Brand Custom Led-4 2
Brand Custom Led-4 3
Brand Custom Led-4 4
Brand Custom Led-4 5

Brand Custom Led-4


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Lends the luminaire is die-cast in one piece, the surface is made of toughened glass, which has high luminous efficiency and beautiful appearance.

Costing energy saving and environmental protection, the light source adopts imported light source from the United States, featuring high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, low heat and no thermal radiation.

Gigan-fixed luminaire adopts adjustable support design;

Linear integrated optical lens, high light output efficiency, accurate light distribution;

Built-in built-in seamless combined cooling process, low heat, excellent performance;

Buy a new way to protect the device by using high-tech painting technology to ensure the shell never rusts or corrodes.

According to the scheme, the luminaires are electromagnetic compatible and don't cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

Lent The product passes the 3C certification.

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Company Advantages

· In the production of led, the diodes are fixed to the board plate, the wire is attached and everything is encased in the plastic case.

· It features a high-efficient energy transformation. Only 10% power consumed by an incandescent bulb is transformed to luminous energy, while over 90% power consumed by the product is transformed to luminous energy.

· It is always able to keep things unique. The printing can help define its contents, which provides the customer with all the details to make an informed purchase.

Company Features

· Over the years, has been enjoying a sound reputation when it comes to manufacturing led. We have become a famous Chinese manufacturer in the global market.

· From design to production, our led is manufactured and checked carefully.

· has entered a benign development track of sustained profitability and rapid growth under the business principle of 'Quality First'.

Application of the Product

The led produced by is of high quality and is widely used in the industry.

With the concept of 'customers first, services first', always focuses on customers. And we try our best to meet their needs, so as to provide the best solutions.

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