Marriott Hotel Yiwu

Rising 38 stories above the heart of Yiwu, the Marriott Hotel offers an unparalleled experience with its distinctive design and commitment to Marriott’s renowned quality and service.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel


Strategically located in the bustling CBD, the hotel provides unparalleled access to the city’s vibrant pulse. Just steps away lies the International Trade City, a renowned 4A-rated tourist and shopping destination. Enjoy breathtaking views of Yiwu’s magnificent wetland park, a testament to the city’s natural beauty.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel

As the first Marriott hotel in central Zhejiang, the Yiwu Marriott Hotel enjoys exceptional connectivity. It is conveniently situated a mere 20-minute drive from both Yiwu Airport and the railway station, and approximately 3 kilometers from the new passenger transportation hub, making it an ideal choice for business travelers, leisure seekers, and event organizers alike.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel

Haochen Lighting partnered with Marriott Group to provide comprehensive lighting solutions for the hotel, encompassing design, installation, and after-sales service. Haochen Lighting implemented full-spectrum lighting throughout the property.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel

Haochenlight equipped the hotel with cutting-edge LED lighting equipment. Specializing in hotel lighting, Haochen Lighting offers a diverse product portfolio characterized by innovative designs and exceptional quality. As a trusted partner of over 50 hotel brands worldwide, Haochen Lighting provided a full range of products for the hotel, including full-spectrum LED downlights, spotlights, strip lights, wall lamps, tube lights, grille lights, point light sources, as well as outdoor floodlights, lawn lamps, street lamps, and more.

Why Full-Spectrum Lighting?

A study published in the journal Nature revealed a strong correlation between time spent outdoors and the incidence of myopia. The less time our eyes are exposed to sunlight, the higher the risk of developing nearsightedness.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel


Full-spectrum lighting replicates the spectral composition of sunlight, creating an artificial light source that closely mimics natural light. The closer the light source is to natural sunlight, the better it is for our eye health.

Aido Lighting’s LED beads adhere to the CIE (International Commission on Illumination) standards, offering excellent spectral continuity and minimal light loss. With a general color rendering index (R1-R8) of over 93 and a special color rendering index (R9-R15, particularly R9 saturated red and R12 saturated blue) exceeding 90, Aido Lighting’s full-spectrum lighting solutions deliver exceptional color accuracy and mimic the sun’s natural brilliance.

The use of Silan LEDs and lenses ensures optimal light transmission, creating a bright and comfortable environment while minimizing glare.

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