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Market analysis and solutions for smart lighting in international industrial factories


With the development of science and technology and the advent of Industry 4.0, industrial lighting is gradually becoming intelligent. The combination of intelligent control and industrial lighting will change the way lighting fixtures are used in the industrial field. At present, more and more industrial lighting products have not only stayed at the level of protection, dimming and color adjustment, but are actively exploring the intelligent control of the entire lighting system. So, in the field of industrial lighting, which has special and strict requirements for lighting, what is the current level of intelligent application? What are the core needs and trends of customers?
Customers’ core demands
Through a large amount of data analysis, it is concluded that safety, stability and reliability are still one of the most important demands of industrial lighting; and energy saving and environmental protection of lighting is an effective way to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in industrial production, and it has also been widely concerned; at the same time, with the development of industrial digital production, breaking down data barriers and achieving compatibility and interconnection between industrial lighting systems and smart control systems in factories has become the biggest call for factory owners to intelligentize industrial lighting. This requires cross-border cooperation and joint efforts between lighting and other industries.
How about the intelligent program?

Although the application scenarios of industrial lighting intelligence are hot, due to the relatively simple demand for industrial lighting, there is little innovation and a relatively low degree of intelligence, and a large consumer market has not yet been formed at this stage. Dr. Huang Feng even said that the current intelligent application of industrial lighting is still in the development stage, and its application level still needs to explore customer needs.
From the survey, it can be seen that as for the problems existing in the intelligent application of industrial lighting, as many as 57.14% of people believe that there is no unified standard for industrial lighting at present, and various products cannot be interconnected; 54.76% of enterprises believe that the current domestic acceptance of industrial lighting intelligence is not high; in addition, the intelligent lighting technology is still immature, unable to achieve effective linkage with other industrial systems, heavy hardware, light software, light management, lack of 5G and other new communication technologies combined with the application of other aspects have also become obstacles to the intelligent process of industrial lighting
With the increasing richness of industrial lighting intelligent application scenarios, the degree of intelligent application of enterprises still needs to be improved. Most owners still have certain concerns about the reliability of intelligent lighting, but there is still a lot of room for development of industrial lighting intelligent application in the future. The road is long and arduous. With the innovation of domestic research and development and production technology of industrial lighting intelligence, as well as the promotion of products and the implementation of intelligent projects, I believe that in the near future, the intelligent application of industrial lighting will be greatly improved, and the popularization of industrial lighting application is just around the corner.

Project Case Sharing

BMW Tiexi Factory Intelligent Lighting Project










Project Requirements
The factory mainly serves various industrial buildings for production. The purpose of industrial building lighting in the factory is to meet the functional requirements of the production process for the lighting system, such as horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, color rendering, etc. Therefore, the factory owner has three main demands for factory lighting: first, to meet the functional requirements of the production area for the lighting system; second, to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the lighting system; third, to meet the control requirements of various lighting areas.
Except for special lamps, the Tiexi Factory of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. adopts the dimming control interface technology based on the DALI protocol. Through the DALI protocol, various intelligent controls can be performed on the light source. A single-segment DALI data control line can address up to 64 addresses, and 16 lighting scenes can be set in each address. Different lighting scenes can be turned on according to the on-site lighting environment to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
The factory has nearly 40,000 sets of building lighting fixtures, nearly 30,000 sets of production lighting, and 450 sets of intelligent lighting control cabinets. Among them, the building lighting runs for nearly 15 hours a day and the production lighting runs for nearly 20 hours a day.
At present, the system can realize arbitrary partitioning and arbitrary combination, partition control of light switch time, partition and time period adjustment of different illumination and cross-control cabinet control, etc.
Project effect
By implementing the DALI intelligent control system, the Tiexi plant of BMW Brilliance can set different lighting scenes according to the actual lighting needs on site, which not only meets the lighting needs but also achieves energy conservation and emission reduction. According to calculations, the intelligent lighting system can save more than 30% energy compared with non-intelligent lighting solutions.












Pre-processing unit of a joint workshop of a liquid milk factory of Yili
After determining the needs of the factory, Haochen Lighting decided to use energy saving, illumination and humanization as design principles, and chose to adopt DALI digital dimmable intelligent lighting technology.
1. Using DALI intelligent lighting, each lamp can be dimmed, and single lamp control can be achieved without arranging lamp signal lines.
2. At the same time, lamp control in any combination of areas can be achieved, and lamps can be quickly grouped with equipment layout adjustment and function adjustment.
3. Introduce the intelligent lighting system platform of DALI bus to realize centralized management and control of lamps in the whole factory.
4. The intelligent lighting system can realize automatic control, set different lighting scenes according to the actual lighting needs on site, and dimming according to the regional illumination to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
5. Set up an intelligent control panel on site. Combined with the use needs, the opening, dimming and scene switching of lighting fixtures can be controlled on the multi-function panel to realize flexible control strategies and manual control functions.
Project effect
The DALI digital dimmable technology is applied to the industrial plant to realize the automation and intelligent operation of lighting control. Through customized timetable control, mode control, human body induction control, illuminance control and other energy-saving optimization control measures, good energy-saving benefits have been achieved. According to calculations, after the introduction of the intelligent lighting system solution, the energy saving rate reached 40%, and the energy-saving effect was significant.
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Haochen Lighting focuses on industrial intelligent lighting and is China’s top industrial lighting manufacturer and supplier. We not only produce high-quality lamps, but also compatible with intelligent lighting systems. Haochen Lighting Industrial Lighting also produces high-temperature resistant high-bay lamps, tri-proof lamps, cold storage special lighting, explosion-proof lamps, and tri-proof lamps for specific areas, and exports to more than 80 countries and regions. Create the era of industrial lighting 4.0. As an important part of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent lighting is the future development direction of lighting. With the deepening of green environmental protection concepts and the development of information technology, industrial intelligent lighting in the future is an inevitable trend. From the current projects implemented and with the continuous improvement of intelligent lighting technology, I believe that industrial intelligent lighting will eventually usher in a broader development prospect.


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