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1. High-end office light environment experience
Haochen smart lighting will play an increasingly important role in future office buildings. In addition to providing sufficient illumination for general office work, future lighting solutions can also make significant contributions to improving employees’ comfort and work efficiency in the office, and even employee satisfaction. The new generation of LED lighting solutions, coupled with the rational use of daylight, will be able to create the most optimized lighting experience for any office environment.
Intelligent Haochen lighting plays an increasingly important role in the office environment – far more than providing sufficient light for employees’ daily office work, it can also improve their comfort, work efficiency and satisfaction in the office, and even promote social exchanges and inspire innovative corporate culture.

  •  Lighting solutions that apply lighting technology to office environments
    Haochen office lighting refers to lighting solutions that apply Haochen lighting technology to office environments.
  •  Good office lighting should provide a simple and bright environment to meet the needs of employees in office, communication, thinking, meetings, etc., and also maintain the unity and comfort between areas to improve employee work efficiency. At the same time, it can also spread a good image to visitors through the office space
  • Good Haochen office lighting is not just about lighting. It should be competent for various different needs. We provide a wide range of office lighting design…
    Nowadays, with the relative independence of employees’ work and the influence of communication methods, the structural type of office space will be directly determined. Employees in the unit office area are focused and work attentively, while employees in the comprehensive office area work in a centralized manner and communication is convenient. Therefore, the lighting solutions for different applications are different.
    For this reason, we provide a full range of office lighting concepts to meet different needs. Each lighting concept includes functionality, economy and…
    In addition to considering the color temperature and color rendering of the light source, Haochen office lighting must also consider the average illumination, comfort, uniformity and safety of the office. In addition, the cost of the entire Haochen lighting system should also be considered.
  • Open office environment

Independent office environment

2. Why do we need to optimize office smart lighting?
1. Improve work comfort: A good lighting environment improves employee comfort
2. Smart control: Smart devices and lamps are fully automated system controlled
3. One-click scene: Humanized scene preset, one-click setting
4. Smart adaptation: Automatically adjust the brightness of lamps according to natural light
5. Meet the needs of human eyes at any time: Good lighting experience improves employee work comfort
6. Improve work efficiency: Scientific lighting stimulates employee work efficiency
7. Improve employee satisfaction: A comfortable working environment is conducive to improving satisfaction
8. Corporate image building: Modern and intelligent office lighting helps to build a good company
3. Smart lighting environmental system solution-scene
Office mode: Maintain sufficient lighting required for work, and intelligently adjust the brightness according to the comfort of the human eye
Implementation method: During daily working hours, all lamps are turned on, modern office brackets and downlights are adjusted to the brightness that is most suitable for human eyes to work, and when the curtains are opened and the brightness of natural light changes, the indoor lamps are automatically adjusted according to the brightness of natural light to maintain the overall illumination suitable for the human eye.
Rest mode: Create a rest atmosphere, sleep comfortably at noon, and fully recharge during work breaks.
Implementation: During lunch break, adjust the main lighting fixture to 30% brightness, turn off the spotlights around the office area, and close all curtains.
Energy-saving mode: Intelligent control helps enterprises save energy and electricity, and save costs
Implementation: When the external environment is bright or there are fewer people in the office area, the energy-saving mode is automatically turned on, the panel and office bracket lights are turned on at intervals, and the brightness is adjusted to medium brightness, the spotlights around the office area are turned off, and the curtains are automatically opened.
Cleaning mode: Help maintain a good sanitary environment and create a clean and bright image for the company.
Implementation: In cleaning mode, all lamps are turned on and the brightness is adjusted to 100% brightness, which is convenient for finding stains and cleaning them
Off-duty mode: Avoid safety hazards caused by missing power and eliminate energy waste.
Implementation: After get off work, start the off-duty mode, turn off all lamps and close the curtains with one click.
Haochen Smart Office Lighting System Architecture:

Haochen smart lamps have built-in motion sensors and daylight sensors
Haochen lamps can be grouped in seconds.
By adopting standard ZigBee technology, “Haochen smart lamps have inherent advantages such as long-distance transmission, multiple channels and mesh networks.
Users can set the sensor parameters and brightness of a group or individual lamps with one button.






Lighting linkage effect:






















When the ambient light is brighter, the lamps remain off. In a group, motion sensors work together to control the grouped lamps, while daylight sensors control the switching of individual lamps based on the ambient brightness.

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