Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport Hotel

Under the esteemed InterContinental Hotels Group, the Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport stands as a beacon of architectural ingenuity and sophisticated design in the bustling metropolis of Beijing. Strategically positioned near Beijing Capital International Airport, the hotel offers unparalleled convenience for both discerning business and leisure travelers. Inspired by the graceful image of “wings in flight,” the hotel embodies the spirit of freedom and effortless movement synonymous with travel.

Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport

The hotel’s design revolves around a magnificent three-story atrium, the heart of the building, connecting the east and west towers to create a sense of harmonious flow. Enclosed by a stunning glass curtain wall, the atrium exudes an airy and transparent ambiance, reminiscent of crystalline water. Landscaped areas seamlessly blend with the north and south sides, adding depth and dimension to the space. Crowning the atrium is a magnificent double-winged glass roof, flooding the space with natural light. This impressive architectural element extends beyond the atrium to form a dramatic porte-cochère, providing guests with an elegant and sheltered arrival experience.

Crowne Plaza Beijing Airport

The hotel’s lighting design masterfully creates an atmosphere of understated elegance and inviting warmth. Guest rooms embrace a minimalist aesthetic, featuring glare-free, eye-caring Sanks luminaires. These meticulously engineered fixtures boast an 8cm deep-set light source, eliminating unwanted glare and ensuring visual comfort. With a high color rendering index (Ra95), the lighting faithfully reproduces the true colors of the surroundings, enhancing the visual experience. The absence of excessive decorative lighting elements allows the carefully curated design elements to take center stage, epitomizing the timeless elegance of simplicity.

To further enhance the ambiance, the hotel incorporates Haochenlight fixtures, renowned for their adjustability and versatility. The adjustable angles allow for precise light direction, ensuring optimal illumination of every corner of the space.

Understanding the importance of longevity and performance, the hotel’s spotlight selection prioritizes efficient heat dissipation. Robust heat sinks effectively manage heat generated during prolonged use, extending the lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.

Safe and flicker-free isolated drivers are employed to separate the 220V power supply from the lighting fixtures, effectively eliminating flicker and safeguarding eye health.

Completing the sophisticated lighting design is the integration of intelligent dimming systems and a spectrum of color temperatures. This allows for customized lighting control, enabling the creation of a variety of moods and atmospheres to suit the diverse needs of the hotel’s guests. From intimate gatherings to grand events, the lighting system effortlessly transforms the ambiance, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every occasion.


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