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We won the bid for $1.2 million!


First know party A to win trust

In January 2001, we began to expand our commercial lighting business in Beijing, and the well-known business in Beijing, COFCO Xidan Joy City. The first cooperation is lucky, but also an accident. After my first visit with the general manager of the shopping mall, I learned that the shopping mall needed to carry out energy-saving transformation of lamps, which was a very good opportunity. But there are two companies competing with us, and the one with the best quality and the best price will win the bid.

With our 20 years of experience in lighting production and sales. We have developed a detailed list of lamp transformation for shopping malls (products include T8 lamp, T5 lamp, embedded down lamp, track spot lamp, lamp belt, panel lamp, etc.), 3D renderings and specific schemes of safe construction. In the competition with other two well-known companies, the quality and energy-saving effect of the product is popular, such as T8 lamp efficiency up to 130LM/ W,10W luminous flux up to 1300LM. Compared with other products of 14W, the light effect of 80LM/ W products, not only energy saving and high brightness. Our product has great advantages. In the communication with Party A, for our products are full of praise.

We won the bid for $1.2 million! 1

Successful bid, increase production

In February, three lighting companies bid, and we won the bid at the price of 1.2 million, which was a great encouragement for us. But do not be complacent, because in the follow-up production, completion of the construction, the completion of the project is a success. We did not slack off. In the follow-up production, we increased our efforts to increase production lines and shortened the production cycle from two months to one month.

We won the bid for $1.2 million! 2

Overcome the difficulties and complete the installation

In the middle of March, the products will be shipped to the destination. Installation of lamps and lanterns by construction personnel. In the construction process, encountered some difficulties, shopping mall hall needs to carry out 25 meters high operation, extremely difficult. After the calm analysis and planning of the construction team, professional aerial ladder truck was used for installation, and the final safe and successful installation was completed. It was recognized by everyone.

Complete success, keep up the good work

The first cooperation of Xidan Joy City is a complete success. The company has been widely recognized by customers from all walks of life with its rich practical experience, professional service skills and excellent products. In line with the principle of "service first, quality first" to build their own brand, achieved better social benefits, become a strategic partner of many well-known enterprises.

We won the bid for $1.2 million! 3

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