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What Led Uganda to Underdevelopment?

Museveni(Bosco) is the sole reason for under employment, his over stay in power has created more unemployment opportunities for the youths

What Led Uganda to Underdevelopment? 1

1. Who led the MLB in batting average in 1984?

Yes, same answer.But I still want to chime in for all Tony Gwynn fans. Talk about a model of consistency.He played 20 years, and in only one year, he hit under .300-his rookie year.But here's the number that blows me away. He struck out a whopping 4 times against Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddux combined, Atlanta's three-headed monster. He also hit over .300 combined against those three.Sorry, that's more than you bargained for. So yes, Gwynn won the title in 1984. He'd win 7 more titles during his career.

2. How Hard is it to wire LED strip lights?

I've messed with xeon light bulbs but those LED strips seem like a lot to mess with. I am going to say if you know how to take apart you head lamps and know how to wire it all in, then probably no more than an hour and a half. Let me know how it goes. I might try it

What Led Uganda to Underdevelopment? 2

3. What key events in Europe and Asia led to WWII?

The full story is much too long to relate here. The following references are recommended:

4. led lights for growing!?

Forget the LED's for growing. They do not throw the UV's flourescent or HID bulbs do. That is what will make your plants grow

5. How are flashing LED circuits made?

You could look up circuits that use the chip known as a "555 timer", but you need college level math and physics to begin to understand much electronics

6. Help reading IR LED datasheet

Figure 4 gives the information you require.Figure 4. For a current of 100 mA you can expect a forward voltage of about 1.35 V.Note that $ V_f $ will have a spread. Design for current control, not voltage control.

7. How do I power LED lights for my car?

They need to be connected to an ignition power source so they will turn off when the car is off. You are going to forget to flip the switch sooner or later. The last thing you want is a dead battery when you least expect it, because of some stupid lights. Where you find that ignition source is going to vary depending on the vehicle you have. Imports generally have ignition power at the cig lighters. Domestics do not.

8. Can I use ribbon LED lights for my planted aquarium?

You might explore the option of constructing your own light with readily obtainable materials, as explained in this you tube video. Note especially the instructions near the end relative to the intensity of light required for plant growth

9. Wattage of adapter for LED strip

Unfortunately 3528 is simply an industry standard package name. It means the LED components are 3.5 by 2.8 mm with a specific "footprint" that describes where the terminals and solder should go on a printed circuit board.We can see in your photo that the polarity and voltage are specified and there are markings where the tape could be cut. There are three LEDs and one resistor (the black component) in each section. That makes sense: white LEDs often have a forward voltage around 3.4. Three of them in series should require 10. 2 volts; the resistor performs the role of limiting the current. A regulated 12V supply is all you will need. The supply does not need to control the current for this type of LED tape. As to the current or wattage capacity you will need.. If you have an ammeter you could measure the current drawn by one or more sections and multiply up to accommodate the whole setup -- if not, then make a guess. This site claims LEDs in the 3528 package are typically operated about 20 mA per series string. You mentioned your strip has 18 LEDs per foot. We see they are in groups of 3, so there are 18/3=6 groups, or series strings, per foot. Then each foot of tape might need 20*6=120 mA, and the whole 11 feet would need 120*11=1320 mA=1. 3 amps. Get at least a 2 amp (24 watt) supply and you should be fine

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First, LED landscape lamp is a more general concept, including lawn lamp, underwater lamp, step lamp and courtyard lamp. In fact, courtyard lamps are also a kind of LED landscape lamps. However, LED landscape lights and courtyard lights are different...
With the development of science and technology, the light sources of lamps are becoming more and more. LED is one of the common light sources, and it will also be affected by external factors. The following solar street lamp manufacturers will talk a...
In recent years, with the increasing global energy crisis, conventional energy has been unable to meet the needs of world economic development. Solar energy, as an important renewable green energy, is favored by countries all over the world. The sola...
The LED used for lighting is characterized by directional light emission, because almost all power LEDs are equipped with a reflector, and the efficiency of the reflector is significantly higher than that of the lamp. In addition, the efficiency of i...
First, LED landscape lamp is a more general concept, including lawn lamp, underwater lamp, step lamp and courtyard lamp. In fact, courtyard lamps are also a kind of LED landscape lamps. However, LED landscape lights and courtyard lights are different...
In the process of using road LED landscape lights, we can properly do the work at the management level. This is very key for everyone. However, when many people came to manage, they didn't fully consider the actual situation, which caused great harm ...
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