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What Kind of LED Stadium Lights Are Suitable for Us

With the progress of scientific and technological research of the times, now more and more people pursue high-quality living conditions. Led stadium lights are installed in indoor places, amusement parks and other places. Then the angle of installing stadium lights on the stadium should be calculated in advance, which can not affect the players' play, and the appropriate stadium lights should be selected according to many aspects of the stadium.

First of all, athletes should be able to accurately judge the ball path, height and landing point. First, natural light should be used, because the effect of natural light is the best. Of course, glare and stroboscopic light should be prevented, so that too strong light can be directed or reflected into athletes' eyes, which will affect their play. In addition, it is necessary to increase the stability of illumination and ensure uniform and coordinated light distribution, It will not only make the possibility of excellent results high, but also be very important for the accurate judgment of the referee and the appreciation of the audience. Now there are many kinds of court lamps to choose from in the market. What should we pay attention to when choosing?

1 Each stadium has low power consumption and long service life, which can not only save energy and power, but also save the electricity and maintenance expenses of stadium users;

1. Metal halide lamp: it is believed that the customers of the stadium who have used metal halide lamp may know that the light is particularly dazzling, and its performance problems cause great power consumption. Another problem that puzzles users is that the start-up time usually takes a long time, which is very impractical for the stadium.

2. High power energy-saving lamps: at present, most of the stadium lighting adopts 6U and 8U, and some sports venues use 10u and 12U, with a life of 8 hours per day within one year. The high-power energy-saving lamp heats up quickly and has poor heat dissipation performance. After a long time, the lamp will often burn out, resulting in a lot of lamp replacement costs and manual maintenance costs.

3. Row lamps: most of them are made of T5 straight tube energy-saving lamps. Many customers said that they have used single-sided row lamps and double-sided row lamps before, but many players reflect that there is often a light difference between the brightness and the ball, which not only dazzles the eyes, but also affects the level of the game.

2 The lighting effect is good, there is no stroboscopic hazard and glare hazard, and the light should achieve the effect of no dazzling, no dazzling and comfortable. The color rendering of the light should be high, and the color and brightness difference between the ball and the background should be obvious, so that the judges can clearly distinguish.

What Kind of LED Stadium Lights Are Suitable for Us 1

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