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What Is the Power of Solar Street Lamps in Rural Areas?

The power of rural solar street lamps depends on the road width and surrounding environment, the height depends on the road width, and the row spacing depends on the power of the light source and the secondary light distribution of the lamps. With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, the application of solar energy will be more and more widely, especially in the field of solar power generation.

What Is the Power of Solar Street Lamps in Rural Areas? 1

1: At present, one of the most important links restricting the application of solar power generation is the price. Take a two-way rural solar street lamp as an example. If the two roads are 6 downstream areas, the effective illumination is 4.5h/day, the discharge is 7 hours per night, and the 20% reserved amount of the battery panel is increased), the battery panel needs about 160W, and the cost of the battery panel is 4800 yuan, In addition, the cost of battery pack of about 180Ah is also about 1800. The one-time investment cost of the whole street lamp is large, resulting in the main bottleneck in the application field of rural solar street lamp.

2: The service life of the battery should also be considered. In the application of the whole street lamp system, the general battery warranty is three or five years. Generally, the charging dissatisfaction will occur after half a year of power storage. Some actual charging rates may be reduced to about 50%, which will affect the night in continuous rainy days. It is particularly important to select a better battery.3: Some engineering companies often choose LED lamps as the lighting of rural solar street lamps, but the quality of LED lamps is uneven, and the illumination of LED lamps with serious light decay is half 50%. Therefore, the best choice is LVD electrodeless lamp with long light life, high light efficiency and slow light attenuation, or low-pressure sodium lamp, etc.

4: The selection of controller is often ignored by engineers. The quality level of controller is uneven, and the market price of 12V / 10A controller is different. Although it is the least valuable part of the whole street lamp system, it is a very important link. The damage of the controller directly affects the service life of the solar parts and the procurement cost of the whole system. First, the controller with low power consumption should be selected. The controller works continuously for 24 hours. If it consumes part of the electric energy, it is best to select the controller with power consumption less than 1 mA. 2 To select a controller with high charging efficiency, it has MCT charging mode to track the maximum current of the battery board. Especially in winter or insufficient lighting, the efficiency of MCT charging mode is about 20% higher than others. 3 The controller with power regulation has been widely promoted. One or two lighting channels can be automatically closed during the period of sparse pedestrians at night, and the power can be adjusted for LVD lamps. In addition to selecting the above power-saving functions, attention should also be paid to the protection function of the controller to the battery and other components. The like controller can well protect the battery and increase the service life of the battery. In addition, when setting the undervoltage protection value of the controller, try to put the undervoltage protection value to prevent the battery from over discharging.

5: Attention should also be paid to anti-theft work in places far from the urban area. Many engineering companies failed to carry out effective anti-theft due to negligence in construction, resulting in the theft of storage components, which not only affected the normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property losses. At present, most of the stolen engineering cases are batteries. The buried storage battery is an effective anti-theft measure. If the storage battery box is installed on the lamp pole, it is best to weld and reinforce it.

What Is the Power of Solar Street Lamps in Rural Areas? 2

6: The controller is waterproof. The controller is generally installed in the lampshade and battery box, and there is generally no water inflow. However, in the actual engineering case, the controller terminal is rainwater flowing into the controller along the connecting line, resulting in a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, attention should be paid to bending the internal connecting line into a "U" shape and fixing it, and connecting the external line into a "U" shape, so that the rain can not be drenched in, resulting in short circuit of the controller. In addition, waterproof glue can be applied at the interface of the internal and external lines.

7: In the practical application of many rural solar street lamps, the rural solar street lamps in many places can not meet the normal lighting needs, especially in the relevant components with poor sudden quantity in cloudy and rainy days. Another main reason is to blindly reduce the component cost, do not design and configure according to the demand, and reduce the cost of battery panels and batteries, resulting in the failure of street lamps to provide lighting in cloudy and rainy days

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