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Principle and Application of LED Nixie Tube Display

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Led nixie tube

1 Fundamentals of LED display devices

LED light-emitting devices are generally used in Category 2, nixie tube and dot matrix

1: Nixie tube

a. The common 8-character type of nixie tube is divided into a B C D E F G P segment, where p is the decimal point

b. There are 10 pins (units) commonly used for nixie tubes, one pin for each section, the other two pins are common ends, and two are connected

c. In terms of size, there are many kinds, including 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.5 1.8 2.3 3.0 4.0 5.0, etc

d. Generally, those less than 1.0 are single cores, (1.0 has single and double), 1.2 "" 1.5 are double cores, and more than 1.8 are more than three cores. Therefore, their power supply voltage requirements are different. Generally, the voltage drop of each core closing is about 2.1V. My experience is that 5V power supply is less than 0.8, 12V is 1.0 "2.3, and higher than 3.0

e. Nixie tube is divided into yin and Yang

2: Lattice

a. The commonly used dot matrix is 8 * 8, and there used to be 5 * 8 (it's not used now)

b. The dot matrix is a single die, divided into (row) common Yin and (row) common Yang. Generally, 5V power supply is used

c. The 8 * 8 dot matrix has 16 pins (monochrome or 24, which may be obsolete two-color dot matrix or designed to realize the availability of both monochrome and two colors on the same circuit board, which is also common). There are 8 green pins in 8 rows, and 24 pins in 8 rows, 8 red columns and 8 green columns in two colors.

It is divided into static (only nixie tube can realize) and dynamic

1: Static is easier to implement. I won't talk about it here

2: Nixie tube dynamics

a. Hardware connection

Generally, 1 / 13 of the nixie tube can be scanned. If it is higher, the brightness loss is relatively large. Here, it is assumed that the column is 13 columns, the behavior is 16 rows, and there are common male tubes. The segments of each row of nixie tubes are connected together, and the common segments of each column of nixie tubes are connected together. The column switch uses TIP127, which can be directly driven by 154, and the Darlington tube is 5 amps. Note that 127 output does not add resistance, and 595 is used for the row (164 is not recommended) 2803 or 2003 a 9013, the output of 2003 needs to be added with upper limit current resistance, generally 56 "330 ohm (if it is a nixie tube b. Software

Using 89C51 as CPU, 24C series or 28c series can be used as memory. Note that their writing speed is not very fast. However, the input device of nixie tube is keyboard or remote controller, which is fast enough. The reading speed of 24C series is also relatively slow. I found that the updated display will not be affected if the data read out each time is less than 20. Clock interrupt 1 is used, The interrupt time shall not exceed 1.5ms, preferably about 1.2ms. 24C02 can be read in the interrupt service program or in the interrupt gap, but it must be able to read all a column of data! The read data is put into a display area (an array buf [16]) is defined in the memory, and in the

Interrupt subroutine can send data to 595. It is best to use serial port to send, and the programming is the simplest

After sending, turn off the 154 of the control line, send a pulse to the rCLK (12 pin) of 595, transfer the data from the shift register to the latch, then turn on the 154 and input the column signal

3: Lattice

a. The dot matrix generally adopts 1 / 16 scanning, and the control principle is similar to that of nixie tube

b. Hardware: 154 TIP127 for rows and 595 plus resistance (0 "56 Ohm) for columns

c. Software: there are many schemes, see below

There are two kinds,

1: A kind of solidified Chinese characters. The Chinese character dot matrix information is stored in 27c256, with a maximum of 1024 16 * 16 dot matrix Chinese characters. To modify, you can only rewrite 27c256. The advantage is that it is not lost. Generally, banks do this.

2: The other can be modified by the user himself. The modification methods are divided into two types. In the early days, the keyboard or remote control is generally used to modify. In that way, the Chinese character library must be solidified on the host. The hzk16 full angle font library and asc16 half angle font library of UCDOS can be solidified with 27c040. The user can enter the location to modify it. The Chinese characters that the user needs to display are stored in an e2pom in the form of location code for display The program reads the dot matrix information according to the location and sends it to the screen for display. Another common method in recent years is to modify it by using the microcomputer serial port, which is also divided into two types:

A. There is no word library on the control board. The microcomputer sends the displayed dot matrix information. After receiving it, the control board stores the information in the ram with battery (E2PROM can also be used, but the speed is very slow). This disadvantage is that the ram without battery is not reliable and often loses information;

B. There is a word library on the control board, and the microcomputer can send the machine code (internal code) of Chinese characters. The others are the same as above.

There are many ways to send information. It varies according to the devices used. Some manufacturers use 374 control instead of 595. In that case, write an external port directly

The 374 cascade connection mode (if one row of 374 is used, the display must be turned off during transmission, if there are many display words, the brightness will be affected, and there is no need to turn off the display with two rows of 374, but the hardware cost will be increased). At present, it is less used, and the 595 is very common. The transmission can use the transmission port, which is very simple, or use other ports to simulate the serial port (because the transmission port may also receive the signal of the microcomputer at any time) , serial port multiplexing can also be used.

It uses 374 165 to send data to 595. The hardware is complex, but it is easy to use in future display patterns!

Tip: Recently, I found it very good to use Shuanglong's 90s8515, because it also has an SPI port to send 595 signals. The speed can be up to 3m (12m crystal).

1: Display time, each line 1.5ms

2: According to experience, 89C51 12m crystal can control 48 16 * 16 dot arrays at most. If it is larger, the crystal frequency can be improved and the program can be optimized (that is, the time to send the program is the shortest)

3: When there are many displayed words, we must pay attention to the code efficiency of the sending subroutine, because sending is a loop, so the faster the processing in the loop, the better. Now most people use C51, so we should pay more attention.

Let's look at the following examples:

If (hangno = = 0x10) hangno = 0; / / hangno is the displayed line sequence number

Port1 = * (addr hangno * 0x600 I); / / my Chinese character information is 0 "600, which is the first line of information

//600 "0c00 is the second line of information


Each time 32 bytes (16 words) are sent, the program is compiled and passed. There is no problem, but when 64 Chinese characters are displayed (assuming) the display is chaotic. Change to

If (hangno = = 0x10) hangno = 0; / / hangno is the displayed line sequence number


Port1 = * (addr W I); / / my Chinese character information is 0 "600, which is the first line of information

//600 "0c00 is the second line of information... Port2 = 0x0ff;

Application of LED nixie tube

It is mainly used for building walls, advertising signs, high-grade disco, bars, nightclubs, club door billboards, etc. it is especially suitable for large dynamic light bands such as billboard background, overpass, river, Lake guardrail, building outline, etc., which can produce rainbow gorgeous results. Decorating the outline of buildings with guardrail tubes can highlight the beauty and brighten the buildings Facts have proved that it has become a wonderful flower in lighting products, blooming in the dynamic city.

Principle and Application of LED Nixie Tube Display 1

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