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Plan Deck Lighting Sooner, Not Later

Building a new backyard deck can be exciting; second only to remodeling the kitchen, creating a new outdoor living space is a top priority for many homeowners. Canadians have an insatiable appetite for soaking in every moment of the warmer weather, which is why perfecting the backyard space is so important.

The biggest decisions are usually things like deciding between a multi-level and single-level deck design, or whether to build with composite, Massaranduba, or cedar, but there is another important detail to keep in mind deck lighting.

Much like our outdoor living spaces, Canadian deck lighting has evolved in recent years. Gone are those simple patio lanterns; in their place is a carefully planned lighting scheme.

The experts at Hotwire Electric, located in the Greater Toronto Area, offer this one crucial piece of advice before getting started on a lighting project: Planning is key, because electrical wiring needs to be buried, and inspected. [That is why] electricians and landscapers should work hand-in-hand. Collaborative teamwork between the trades is crucial.

Consider your lighting and other electrical needs in the earliest possible stages of the build; the electrical conduits and runs need to be preplanned prior to any hardscaping. The early involvement of your electrical contractor will allow for a well-integrated lighting plan.

Once you pick the hard and softscapes, the electricians can then plan and design the type of lights that work best in each area to illuminate and accent areas.

Safety first

While creating a beautiful evening vignette and accenting your adjacent water feature may seem like a high priority, the lighting for your deck is first and foremost a matter of safety. When on an elevated surface such as a deck, it is imperative that you, your family and guests have a clear view of where everything is once dawn sets in. Of course, that doesnt mean it cant be dynamic and beautiful as well.

Not only does illumination assist with safety and making the area accessible, but lighting is art it allows [you] to set the mood [for any occasion], says Hotwire Electric.

Outdoor lighting trends

Whether youre enjoying a quiet backyard dinner for two or hosting the party of the summer, having the right deck lighting can take your evening from ho-hum to electrifying. Start with the essential fixtures: these can include riser lights for the stairs, accent lights, post cap lights and post sleeve lights.

In addition to standard lights, there are some exciting trends emerging.

At Hotwire, we see a lot of uplights and wall washing being added to spaces. Uplighting is typically used to highlight trees [around the deck], while down lights, [also called] wall washing, are used to illuminate pergolas and cabanas.

Finding expert advice

With all of the options now available on the market in Canada, it can be overwhelming to try and decide what type of lighting to try. Fortunately, thats where experts can help.

Hotwire has on-staff lighting designers that work with a variety of lighting suppliers. [This] provides the clients with a variety of choices for optimal lighting solutions.

Hotwires licensed electricians are lighting designers and trained in the art of lighting. Additionally, if youre adding a hot tub, they can ensure that its done to code, and even make equipment connections for your pool.

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