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List the Advantages of LED Street Lamps Over Traditional Ones

LED street lamps are the main force of urban road lighting. Compared with traditional street lamps, they have many advantages. What are the specific advantages? Below, we list the advantages of LED street lamps compared with traditional circuit lamps from several main aspects.

I Illuminance comparison:

The use of 60 watt LED street lamp can achieve the illumination of high-pressure sodium lamp, and the use power is greatly reduced; Because of the low use power of LED street lamps, they can be combined with wind and solar energy, and can be used on the secondary trunk roads of the city.

II Safety performance:

At present, some electrodeless lamps and cold drink lamps in the market are illuminated by X-ray excited by high-voltage point pole, containing a large number of harmful metals such as mercury and harmful rays; In contrast, LED street lamps are safe low-voltage products, so they can greatly reduce the risk of potential safety hazards when used and installed. III Comparison of environmental performance:

General street lamps contain some harmful metals, which contain many harmful rays in the spectrum. In contrast, LED street lamps have pure green spectrum, no red, ultraviolet, radiation, no light pollution, no harmful metal substances, and can be recycled. They are typical green and environmental protection lighting products. IV Comparison of quality and service life:

The service life of general street lamps is 12000 hours. Not only the replacement cost of street lamps is high, but also it is easy to affect the traffic, especially in places such as tunnels; Compared with the LED street lamp, its average service life is 100000 hours. According to the usage of 10 hours a day, it can be used for ten years, and its cost performance is very high. In addition, the shockproof, waterproof and impact resistance of LED street lamps are excellent, and they are maintenance free products within the warranty period.

V Electricity charge for LED street lamps:

The annual electricity charge of our 60W LED street lamp is only 20% of that of ordinary 250W high-pressure sodium street lamp, which can greatly reduce the consumption. If customers choose solar LED street lamps, the electricity charge is equivalent to 0. Vi LED street lamp laying:

The power of Jinhui LED street lamp is only one quarter of that of ordinary high-pressure sodium street lamp, so the requirement for cable laying is only one third of that of ordinary street lamp, which saves a lot of laying costs. The above two cost savings are obtained by comparing LED street lamps with ordinary high-pressure sodium street lamps. It can be seen that led street lamps can recover our investment cost within one year.

VII Temperature of LED street lamp:

Compared with ordinary street lamps, LED street lamps produce very low temperature when they are used. They can be used continuously without high temperature, and they will not blacken the lampshade.

Comparison of service temperature:

Compared with ordinary street lamps, LED street lamps produce lower temperature in the process of use. Continuous use will not produce high temperature, no blackening and no burning of black lampshade.

List the Advantages of LED Street Lamps Over Traditional Ones 1

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