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LED Landscape Lamp Manufacturer: Landscape Lamp Has High Conversion Efficiency

Introducing our LED Landscape Lamp Manufacturer: Discover the cutting-edge technology and high conversion efficiency of our landscape lamps, revolutionizing outdoor lighting solutions. Read more to learn about the advantages of switching to LED landscape lamps in our latest blog post.

The LED used for lighting is characterized by directional light emission, because almost all power LEDs are equipped with a reflector, and the efficiency of the reflector is significantly higher than that of the lamp. In addition, the efficiency of its own reflector is also included in the light effect detection of LED. For landscape lamps using LED, the directional light-emitting characteristics of LED shall be used as much as possible, so that each LED in the street lamp can directly illuminate each area of the lighting pavement, and then the auxiliary light distribution of lamp reflector shall be used to realize a very reasonable comprehensive light distribution of street lamps.

LED Landscape Lamp Manufacturer: Landscape Lamp Has High Conversion Efficiency 1

It is suggested that led landscape lamps and street lamps should meet the standard illuminance and illuminance uniformity requirements, and the lamps should include three light distribution functions to better realize. Led with reflector and reasonable beam output angle has good main light distribution function. In the lamps, the installation position and luminous direction of each LED can be designed according to the height of the road lamps and the width of the road, so as to achieve a good secondary light distribution function.

The reflector in this lamp is only used as an auxiliary means of three-level light distribution to ensure the uniformity of road lighting. In order to make the LED driving circuit display constant current characteristics, when looking inward from the output end of the driving circuit, the output internal impedance of the LED landscape lamp must be very high. When working, the load current will also pass through the internal impedance of the output. If the driving circuit consists of step-down, rectifier and filter plus DC constant current source circuit or general switching power supply plus resistance circuit, it must also consume a lot of active power. Therefore, on the premise of basically meeting the constant current output, the efficiency of the two driving circuits can not be very high. The correct design scheme is to use active electronic switching circuit or high-frequency current to drive LED landscape lamp. Using the above two schemes, the driving circuit can still have high conversion efficiency on the premise of maintaining good constant current output characteristics

In conclusion, the LED landscape lamp manufacturers have revolutionized outdoor lighting with their high conversion efficiency. These lamps not only provide brighter and more vibrant illumination but also consume minimal energy. With their long lifespan and eco-friendly features, they have become the top choice for both residential and commercial landscapes. By opting for LED landscape lamps, users can enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces while contributing to a greener environment.

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