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Landscape Lamp: Why Should Landscape Lamp Use LED Light Source

Many landscape lamps use LED light source. Why should landscape lamps use this kind of light source? What are its advantages? Below, Jingwei lighting, our garden landscape lamp manufacturer, receives the advantage description of LED street lamp light source for you.

Landscape Lamp: Why Should Landscape Lamp Use LED Light Source 1

Firstly, the luminous efficiency of LED has reached 120lm / W, which exceeds the typical value of energy-saving lamp. It will make led one of the most efficient light sources. Secondly, power LED has unidirectional radiation characteristics. Most of the light energy emitted by the lamp can reach the illuminated object directly without reflection, so that the light energy can be emitted to the greatest extent, and the efficiency of the lamp is greatly improved. LED has long service life and is green. At present, the average trouble free working time of power LEDs that can be purchased is more than 50000 H; If you work 12 hours a day, it can be used for ten years. Almost all of its waste can be recycled. This not only saves energy, but also saves resources and protects the environment. The abandonment of other light sources will pollute the environment, especially after the abandonment of fluorescent lamps, the mercury in the lamps will cause serious pollution to the environment and water sources.

The LED light source of garden landscape lamp can achieve no flicker, no ultraviolet, very low thermal radiation and no harm to human eyes. LED is very suitable for indoor lighting or lighting in places where people need to work and study for a long time. In terms of luminous efficiency, because the traditional light source is 360 radial light source, some light has not been effectively used, so the luminous efficiency of traditional light source used in unidirectional lighting lamps is more than 30%, which is different from the traditional light source, LED is a 180 unidirectional light source, and the light emitted can be fully utilized.

The above is the advantage description of landscape lamp manufacturer Jingwei lighting on the use of LED street lamp light source. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call for consultation. We will continue to update more relevant instructions for you. Remember to pay attention to our website.

The company has become the spirit of "truth-seeking, innovation and hard work", and is committed to developing outdoor lighting products such as high pole lamp, road lamp, landscape lamp, courtyard lamp, projection lamp, underwater lamp and so on. The products have various styles and more than 2000 varieties. They are widely used in all kinds of roads, urban streets, squares, parks, luxury villas, courtyards and other places. On the basis of seeking truth and quality, the technology is constantly innovated. The products have the advantages of long service life, safety and energy saving, simple installation and generous modeling beauty. Therefore, they have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. The products are exported to all over the world.

Landscape Lamp: Why Should Landscape Lamp Use LED Light Source 2

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