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Detailed Explanation of Intelligent LED Bulb Lamp Scheme Based on Bluetooth 4.0

The Bluetooth scheme of intelligent LED bulb lamp can be divided into four modules: AC-DC constant voltage module, DC-DC constant current module (the number of channels is determined by the color matching effect), LED color change module and Bluetooth control module.1. Bluetooth scheme principle of intelligent LED bulb lampAs shown in the figure below, the Bluetooth scheme of intelligent LED bulb lamp can be divided into four modules: AC-DC constant voltage module, DC-DC constant current module (the number of channels is determined by the color matching effect), LED color change module and Bluetooth control module. The following is a detailed description of the functions of each module:

Detailed Explanation of Intelligent LED Bulb Lamp Scheme Based on Bluetooth 4.0 1

Schematic frame diagram1.1 AC-DC constant voltage module

If the AC-DC constant voltage module is combined with the DC-DC constant current module, it is an LED switching power supply with multi-channel constant current output, and from the perspective of AC-DC constant voltage module alone, it is a switching power supply with constant voltage output. Because it involves the need to control and change the different states of multi-channel output to achieve the purpose of color mixing, temperature and brightness regulation, the integrated AC-DC constant current switching power supply scheme is not directly adopted here. If the AC-DC multi-channel output chip is directly used for design, problems such as mutual interference of each output and mutual interference of each dimming signal will be encountered, Therefore, the mode of constant voltage by AC-DC and constant current by DC-DC is adopted. This module mainly realizes the function of converting AC mains power into DC constant voltage level to supply power to the rear DC-DC module and Bluetooth control module.

1.2 DC-DC constant current module

Driven by the constant voltage level output by the AC-DC constant voltage module, the DC-DC constant current module realizes the function of outputting constant current through the switch of its built-in MOS tube. At the same time, the analog dimming pin on the DC-DC chip will adjust the output constant current twice according to the square wave signal given by the Bluetooth control module, so as to realize the personalized function of changing the brightness and color temperature of the intelligent bulb lamp. The number of channels of DC-DC constant current module is determined according to the output change effect desired by the user. If users only need to realize one adjustment from warm color light to cold white light, they only need two DC-DC modules. If customers need to realize more and more colorful dimming schemes, they need at least four DC-DC modules.

Detailed Explanation of Intelligent LED Bulb Lamp Scheme Based on Bluetooth 4.0 2

1.3 output step-down module

Since the input voltage required by the Bluetooth module is smaller than the output voltage of the back-end led, and the input voltage stability and ripple coefficient are required to be small, an output step-down module needs to be added between the Bluetooth module and the AC-DC module to achieve the purpose of step-down and voltage stabilization. If a simple resistance capacitance step-down method is directly adopted, The Bluetooth chip may be damaged due to the generation of instantaneous high current. At present, there are products on the market that integrate voltage stabilizing circuits into chips (LDO). Using this chip will not only reduce the volume of the whole design scheme, but also make PCB layout simple.

1.4 LED color changing moduleThis module is mainly used to output lighting. As mentioned in 1.2, customers will have their own dimming schemes. If two-way DC-DC constant current scheme is adopted, only 3000K and 6500k light beads need to be pasted on the aluminum substrate of LED color changing module; If the four-way DC-DC constant current scheme is adopted, the LED color change module needs to be pasted with four types of red, green, blue and white LEDs.1.5 Bluetooth control module

This module receives the operation information on the mobile phone app through the antenna and outputs PWM signals to the DC-DC constant current module to adjust the 4-channel red, green, blue and white LED currents, or adjust the 2-channel 3000K and 6500k color temperature led currents, so that the LED color change module can output the light of the color desired by the user.5 ConclusionThe emergence of Bluetooth 4.0 provides a developable future for realizing the miniaturization of smart home. Its characteristics of low power consumption, low cost, small volume and high transmission rate are in line with the development direction of miniaturization, and its indoor use and control just make up for the lack of short transmission distance. To sum up, We have reason to believe that Bluetooth 4.0 will have a longer-term development in the smart home market.

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