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Bright Red LED Light in New Year Sky?

I saw loads of these! Kind of an orangey-red. I would love to know what they were too

Bright Red LED Light in New Year Sky? 1

1. Is there a fundamental difference between an LED and a light bulb?

A common light bulb uses electric current to heat a filament to incandescence - most of the energy is waisted as heat energy and very little is given off as light. Typically, they are 3 or 4 percent efficient at producing visible light. A LED, on the other hand, is a solid state device witch emits light in a narrow spectrum from the p-n junction of the diode. It is far more efficient with a lot less wasted energy in the form of heat.

2. Why does a LED light light up when connected to a speaker and a bass is played on a stereo?

They light up because you are sending electricity through them. AC electricity is what goes through your speaker wires to the subs or any other speaker for that matter. Upwards of 60 volts and in many cases a lot more.

Bright Red LED Light in New Year Sky? 2

3. LED light strip to subwoofer?


4. is it illegal to have a green led light on my bike at night?

Check the state vehicle laws where you live. I am in Ohio and here the only color light you may not display is blue. Blue is reserved for law enforcement. So here in Ohio green is as legal as white or red.

5. How do i make an LED light T shirt?

you will need lots of leds, a battery pack , and some wiring, and some resistors. each led needs like 2 volts.. so 6 in series with a resistor. and 10 , AA bateries... or 10 D batteries.... buy your stuff a digikey.com get a good soldering iron and some perf board. "fiberglass board with holes" MIKE

6. what are the advantages and disadvantages of a LED light bulb?

advantages - uses less power than a regular bulb. Can get brighter than a normal bulb. disadvantages - higher price, if lights get to bright they can damage your eyes, can not run in high temperatures

7. LED light strip start up delay

It is probably the (internal) power supply is taking a few seconds to come up to full voltage. I had that problem with an LED strip. Fixed it by using a higher rated pwer supply. If yours is built-in, then you are out of luck.

8. LED light bulb flickering in socket, incandescent works fine

Actually it is because they do not draw the minimum current required for operation of the relay. You can put a LED bulb in one socket and a edison bulb in the other and it will work fine.

9. long wire use in my led light near 200 meters and it connect to an inverter battery

Brian Onn has given you details of why your problem is occurring.The way that I would approach this problem requires a bit of electronics. This would be something that is relatively easy for me to build but I am not sure of your capability. Nonetheless, I will describe my approach. Simply said: I would put all 24 LEDs in series. This requires a constant-current switch-mode boost converter that runs from your battery and delivers both the required voltage and regulated current.You have 24 LEDs, each needing about 3.2V. 24 * 3.2 = 77Vdc at a regulated current of 350 mA. Your wire will also add voltage drop - but less than the voltage drop that you are currently having because the current is so low compared to the way that you are doing it now. I would design the boost converter to have a maximum output voltage of about 100V - this allows you to use thinner wire if you want and / or go for a longer distance.There is a plethora of pre-built switch-mode LED power supplies available with exactly this specification - but the ones that I've seen all run from AC Mains supply. But you want to run from a battery. No problem. Linear Technology and TI and Maxim and a great many other chip manufacturers make ICs that turn this into a fairly easy project

10. how do you dispose of an LED light bulb?

Take them to the Richmond-on-Thames recycling centre in Townmead street off Mortlake street. you may recycle all varieties of unexpected issues there which incorporate refrigerators & freezers

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